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Panko-Crusted Chicken with Zesty Lemon-Garlic Pasta, Salad

Dear Reader,
I am sharing a bit of exciting news — as of today, my good friend Sarah Yee​ and I are starting a little food business! As you all know, we both love to cook. Now, we’ll be channeling this passion and skills into cooking for our community through Josephine.

What’s Josephine?
Josephine is an awesome community where approved cooks sell their home cooked meals to friends and neighbors. You order online, pick up the food from my kitchen and take it home to enjoy! Each meal, Sarah and I will be taking turns leading, all while we get to cook together and learn from each other’s recipes.

Check out the first meal here, which I’ve been making as a fan favorite* the last 10+ years:

Note: gluten-free options available.

If the meal listed doesn’t work for you, be sure to sign up on Josephine so that you’ll be able to see our meals in the future as well. If you want specific updates when we post a new meal, be sure to follow us on our Josephine cook page.**

We’re just getting started, so please help spread the word by passing this along to friends and busy families you know nearby. We really appreciate your support.

Yiling Wong & Sarah Yee

*Alex learned this recipe from me, made it for a date, and did a guest post about it on my food blog. Successful outcome: his date was impressed, and they got married this Summer!
You can check out his take on it in a previous guest blog post here.

**Updates in the cook profile to include more details on Sarah’s awesomeness are in the works.

***Come visit the beautiful wooden dining table in person, on which so many blog photos have been taken!

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