Fake Frequently Asked Questions


How did this blog come about? Some things in life are worth doing just for the sake of being funny..

“Do you want to do this the right way, or the Wong way?”

After saying that for about the nth time in 2013, my friend Karl at work started suggesting a blog by similar name. Of course, this was discussed at lunch, while eyeing my food with curiosity and apprehension. Then, said friend set me up with a WordPress account. Other friends said they would read such a blog. So, this is a food blog.

What do you take your pictures with? iPhone 5S, currently.

What do you use for photo editing? iPhone Photos

How’d you do that gif? GIF Toaster

What kind of appliances do you cook with?

  • General Electric gas stove and dual oven
  • a really tall, thin, Liebherr fridge
  • Sanyo fuzzy logic rice cooker.
  • Not an appliance, but worth noting: German steel CangShan knives 

What else?

Dietary restrictions: why are you so obsessed with these?

I care about my friends and want them to be able to eat food I cook for them and feel good about it. Also, I keep developing allergies..crustaceans, lactose..

I am also a little paranoid about what we might know about the processed foods we eat now, ten years from now, and I think my own system may be more sensitive than other people’s so, I’d rather avoid some foods in question.

My leanings lately:


  • cooking from less processed foods
  • Exercise
  • Fruits & veggies
  • Lean protein


  • dairy
  • mediocre carbs
  • processed foods, especially with soy lecithin
  • crab, shrimp and lobster (threat of anaphylactic shock)
  • fried potatoes when they’re not delicious
  • Beer and alcohol on week days
  • giant portions (replace with: the taste of novelty)