Need an Easy Dinner Next Monday?
Food-related blog news.

Dear Reader, I am sharing a bit of exciting news — as of today, my good friend Sarah Yee​ and I are starting a little food business! As you all know, we both love to cook. Now, we’ll be channeling this passion and skills into cooking for our community through Josephine. What’s Josephine? Josephine is […]

Back to School – An Update

Faithful readers may be asking, “where’ve you been, Yiling?” All over. Here is a list: – Mount Adams at 9,000 feet elevation, getting altitude sickness, then waking up feeling extra grateful to be past it. Hooray! – Just outside the faux Bavarian town of Leavenworth, bouldering for the first time – Cheering on my spouse […]

Radish Cake (No Shrimp!)
Gluten-free options included

A super-processed food recipe! Special exceptions must be made for once-a-year-events. Happy lunar new year! Special thanks to my mama, and also to my co-conspirator Sarah, for providing her grandma-made childhood memories and decisive nature to help with quality assurance, with decision-making, and for even loaning me a steamer. Other names for this dish: Turnip cake […]