Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How did this blog come about?
A: Some things in life are worth doing just for the sake of being funny.

“Do you want to do this the right way, or the Wong way?”
After I said this for about the nth time in 2013, my friend Karl at work started suggesting a blog by similar name. Of course, this was discussed at lunch, while eyeing my food-experiment with curiosity and apprehension. Then, said friend set me up with a WordPress account. Other friends said they would read such a blog. So began this blog.

Q: What do you take your pictures with?
A: iPhone 7, occasionally a Sony Alpha 6000

Q: What do you use for photo and video editing?
A: Photos: Apple Photos, Instagram, VSCO. Video: iMovie and Final Cut Pro.

Q: How’d you do that gif?
A: GIF Toaster

Q: What kind of appliances do you cook with?

  • General Electric gas stove and dual oven
  • a really tall, thin, Liebherr fridge
  • Sanyo fuzzy logic rice cooker.
  • Not an appliance, but worth noting: German steel CangShan knives 
  • New this year: Instant Pot

Q: What else?
A: Dietary restrictions: a little obsessed with this.

I care about my friends and want them to be able to eat food I cook for them and feel good about it. Also, I keep developing allergies..crustaceans, lactose..

I am also a little paranoid about what we might know about the processed foods we eat now, ten years from now, and I think my own system may be more sensitive than other people’s so, I’d rather avoid some foods in question.

My leanings lately:


  • cooking from less processed foods
  • Exercise
  • Fruits & veggies
  • Lean protein


  • dairy
  • mediocre carbs
  • processed foods, especially with soy lecithin
  • crab, shrimp and lobster (threat of anaphylactic shock)
  • fried potatoes when they’re not delicious
  • Beer and alcohol on week days


Q: Where do you shop for Asian groceries?
A: My Happy Place is Asian Food Center, on Aurora Avenue north of Seattle. It has a wide multi-cultural variety of produce and processed goods, and is relatively new and clean, and I find it more affordable than the Japanese chains. Evidence of variety: 10+ kinds of spam and imitation spam products. My second choice is the Korean chain H Mart, and after that I’ll go to whatever’s closer and has what I’m looking for, whether it be a Vietnamese chain in Central District, Ranch99 in Tukwila, Seafood City in Southcenter, or Uwajimaya. When I’m traveling, I love perusing local grocery sources in the neighborhoods I stay in, and open air markets for local flavor, especially fresh produce.