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The thing about cooking is this: the amount of time you spend in the kitchen is not directly correlated with how tasty the end result is. You can spend as little as 15 minutes on something like fish –which can cook very quickly– and get just as delicious and satisfying a meal as something that had to marinate over night or be cooked and cared for for more than 60+ minutes. I’ve been keeping recipe logs since before iPods, and once I had an iPod, I carefully kept them as text files in my device so I could reach them at a moments notice.  Since that time, I realized the thing mentioned above, and decided to sort by approximate total process time. Because who has time on weekdays to do an accidentally-30 to 60 minute dish? Screw that. Save it for binge-watching Netflix. This is why these categories exist on this site. Have at it. Bon appetit.

If you find some timing doesn’t work out as estimated by these tags, write in and let me know.