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Need an Easy Dinner Next Monday?
Food-related blog news.

Panko-Crusted Chicken with Zesty Lemon-Garlic Pasta, Salad

Dear Reader,
I am sharing a bit of exciting news — as of today, my good friend Sarah Yee​ and I are starting a little food business! As you all know, we both love to cook. Now, we’ll be channeling this passion and skills into cooking for our community through Josephine.

What’s Josephine?
Josephine is an awesome community where approved cooks sell their home cooked meals to friends and neighbors. You order online, pick up the food from my kitchen and take it home to enjoy! Each meal, Sarah and I will be taking turns leading, all while we get to cook together and learn from each other’s recipes. Continue Reading

Back to School – An Update

This scenic photo taken on the UW campus near Red Square in the early dawn hours.

Faithful readers may be asking, “where’ve you been, Yiling?” All over. Here is a list:

– Mount Adams at 9,000 feet elevation, getting altitude sickness, then waking up feeling extra grateful to be past it. Hooray!
– Just outside the faux Bavarian town of Leavenworth, bouldering for the first time
– Cheering on my spouse and his good friends who scaled Mount Rainier successfully.
– developing personal projects to help build community via food systems Continue Reading

Friendly Friday: Introducing the Bizarro Tumblr, a Look Behind the Scenes

My friend Amy asked me when I was in Minnesota once, “do you ever make recipes that don’t turn out?”  and that spurred me starting a collection of fail/disappointment pictures. These have been deposited here as a stream, and has started to include situations I think funny.

You know, we’re all human, and we might as well admit it online, right?

I hope it makes you laugh. Let me know yes or no on that.

Tumblr snapshot

Future posts may also just include general behind-the-scenes tidbits, but you’ll just have to keep watching to find oot.

Blog News: How to Get Food the Wong Way, Right Away?

What do you call some one who works on contract for a scribe? A sub-scriber!

A yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk. How do you get Food the Wong Way posts right away? A short bit of blog news here: you can now subscribe to get email alerts via the ‘Subscribe!’ option on this main page. On full web browser: it’s to the right, below the ‘Hello’ section. On mobile: it’ll be below that ‘Hello’ section at the very bottom of your browser. I promise not to sell your info to a spam list.

Little-known secret: not everything that goes up here goes up on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram accounts, and some times what does go up did not go up right away. Thanks for putting up with my corny jokes. ;D I made that one up myself, just for you.

Fun Fact Friday: How to Get Food the Wong Way, Right Away?

Did you know, part of the new redesign included a new option to subscribe to this blog, and get notices instantly, any time there’s a new post?

Yes, that’s right. Now you can get a notice of any new post on Food the Wong Way, right away -as soon as it’s published. To subscribe, scroll down, allll the way down to the bottom of this page, and you can enter your email. If you try it and feel like you’ve spammed yourself, you can unsubscribe at any time. I haven’t been spamming anyone additional emails beyond when there is a new blog post, so I doubt you’ll get sick of it.

Happy Friday!



Welcome to the Newly Redesigned Blog!

Dear Food the Wong Way readers,
We are happy to officially announce the launch of a newly redesigned website!

Cynthia Oconer has worked with me for a fresh new look with an emphasis on images. After all, you eat with your eyes. All this, while negotiating time to work on it between both our busy schedules stuffed with life.


Here’s a few of the changes:

• A fresh title banner at the top featuring fun cooking tools with a crisp, unified layout and matching color scheme
• More menu options with tools to help your browsing
• “Read More” buttons to give you a view of more posts on the landing page
• A slide deck on the landing page you can click on to get to recently featured posts

Post below to share your thoughts and suggestions.

Thanks for your faithful readership, hope you enjoy the new look!


A little about Cynthia:

Hi, I’m a Seattle transplant and enjoying the scene thus far. I’m excited to work and offer my energy and enthusiasm as a dedicated professional using my skills to create quality design solutions that fit the background and culture of the organization.
Check out my site at


Tieton Cider Works at City Fruit

Another week, another article for City Fruit’s 6th Annual Cider Taste (on November 10, 2016), written by Yours Truly. Tieton Cider Works at City Fruit’S 2016 Cider Tasting
Check it out!

All event proceeds will benefit the 2016 harvest, which brings fresh, local fruit to over 50 meal programs and food banks across the city.

Snowdrift Cider at City Fruit’s Annual Cider Tasting

Hey folks, you may recall an earlier springtime post on a Fruit Cycle tour, it was arranged by City Fruit, a nonprofit in Seattle which works to promote and protect urban fruit trees, and share the extra fruit with those in need.
City Fruit’s 6th Annual Cider Taste is on November 10, 2016. In the ramp-up to that, I wrote up a little ditty on Snowdrift Cider Co. for them. Read all about it, and get tickets to the tasting on the City Fruit Blog.
Check it out!

All event proceeds will benefit the 2016 harvest, which brings fresh, local fruit to over 50 meal programs and food banks across the city.