Method Break! Sorting Recipes by Time

You know those recipes I keep on file (these days, via iphone)? A few years ago I started sorting them by time, since sometimes I’d find myself two hours later on a weekday, finally eating. In the case of today’s recipe, this goes in the sad, “60+ minutes to Multiday” folder. This one I try only to dredge up on weekends, holidays, or special occasions. Weekdays are generally restricted to the “30 minutes or less,” or maybe “30 to 60 minutes” folder. That’s total time, not time to cook, because prep time is still your time. It’s not like it’s any less tasty in those folders, but at least then I get a few minutes between finishing dinner and going to bed. Yes, dessert has its own separate folder. I don’t need to touch that on weekdays anyway.

What do you do to make sure you don’t awaken from a cooking haze only to discover it’s four hours past when you might have liked to have finished and gone to do something else (like eat, or talk about food, or plan your next meal)?

What is your coping mechanism?


  1. I enjoy food that takes a while to cook, but without any active engagement beyond periodically sampling and then adding another healthy pour of hooch, or perhaps another bay leaf. Chili is up there. The slow cooker is a godsend. I think a smoker is also in my future.

    My coping mechanism? The taco truck by Home Depot.

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