Method Break: Garlic Chopper Demo

My co-worker/friend Jillian was nice enough to be my last-minute date to a charity auction dinner. She was still game when it turned out the power was out in the neighborhood, and we had to bumble our way to the dining hall entrance in the dark. I did not dupe myself (for a good cause) into any 3-day weekend getaway rentals during the live auction, thanks to the other bidders a generation or two older than me, but I did score a basket full of cooking goodies!

Basket of Cooking Goods: trust me, it was a big basket, which turned out to be a mixing bowl. I just don't have a good photo.
Basket of Cooking Goods: trust me, it was a big basket, which turned out to be a mixing bowl. I just don’t have a good photo.

Included among them was a garlic chopper, which I was very very excited about, as I already have one, but it has broken slightly, and it is oh so fun to use. Note: I am not being paid at all by the manufacturers to laud this product (findable on Amazon as a “Chef’n Garlic Zoom Rolling Garlic Chopper”). My socially adept dining companion a demo here, so here it is:

Step 1: Peel garlic cloves.
Step 2: Deposit in top hatch and close hatch.
Step 3: Roll garlic chopper back and forth so the blades spin and chop the garlic.
Step 4: Open entire top half of chopper and remove garlic.
Ta da!


It goes, 'zzzh, zzzht, zzzzzzht!'
It goes, ‘zzzh, zzzht, zzzzzzht!’

Novelty Rating: 4 of 5 stars
Likelihood of Repeat: 100%

Certainly, you could mince garlic without this, but it’s quite the entertaining time saver if you have more than a couple cloves to chop. The same size pieces (or smaller) could be achieved by slicing one way while leaving the stem of a clove attached, then turning 90 degrees, slicing the other, and then chopping all the pieces (like this except not slicing all the way through, so it’s easier to hold on to the whole piece together before you mince it all pieces with the final step). That method works even better for onions.


  1. So a’ la’ Alton Brown, I like my kitchen devices to do more than a single function. What else have you thrown into this cool little tool to get chopped up? Nuts for cookies? Ice for margaritas? 🙂 Maybe a very tiny amount of hash browns?

  2. I have never thrown anything else in there. I guess it would work for little piece of ginger, to get even littler pieces. Not sure what else. The compartment is not really big enough for a lot of nuts. You really can do the same thing with a good knife and a few extra moments.

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