Food-Related Entertainment: Street Food Market in NYC, and a whiny letter to you

One of my favorite food celebrities is working on bringing a street food market to New York City. Anthony Bourdain!

See this article from grubstreet for more details.

Well, that’s exciting, especially for New Yorkers, I imagine. You know what’s not exciting? The gastroenterological issues I found with the most recent food combo I took a gander at. Yes, dear Reader, despite having had a cold seemingly for time immemorial, I had a post all drafted up for you a few days ago for it, but I am still unscientifically testing if some of the after effects are truly from this combination, in which case, I’m scrapping the post. Relatedly, writing a blog with free (but not exceptionally novel) food info has grown tedious and a little like yelling down into a well without hearing an echo back.

Is anyone reading?
Does anyone care?
Do you laugh when you read this?
What else would you like to hear about?

Please post and share. Otherwise, this blog may be short-lived, as I would otherwise use my time to connect with real humans rather than the spam-bots I keep having to review.



  1. I’m reading! Keep it up and try not to be discouraged. I have much of the same feeling about my blog, but it’s fun to look back! I like feature you’ve added about about whether or not you intend to repeat the recipe, I find that helpful!

      1. I don’t know for sure. I like the variety so far – though its a bit heavy on the vegetarian/gluten free side of things. I also really like the ingredient spotlight type of things… you know, looking at one ingredient in a number of ways (like the spaghetti squash) or using a unique ingredient that I’ve always wanted to try but haven’t had the courage to (jerusalem artichoke).

        1. Thanks for the feedback, Andy! I’ll keep it in mind: more ingredients several ways or new ingredient trials, and not necessarily vegetarian and gluten-free only.

  2. I find the repeat likelihood very insightful. I also enjoy the math problems you need to complete in order to post a comment. In the future, I want to see you do bbq on your fancy smoker.

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