Mung Bean Sprouts

I was looking for bean sprouts at the grocery store for those summer rolls i posted about, but I couldn’t find any fresh ones, besides which they always go bad so fast when fresh that I don’t get to use them before they all go bad. I am so sad when that happens that I don’t buy them much, so this time I found some mung beans from the bulk section to sprout myself, in smaller portions. It helped that my spouse was out of town at the time, so if anyone was poisoned, it was only me.

Ingredients & Supplies:
mung beans
mason jar
a tray and towel

Sprouts: day 1
Sprouts: day 1

1. Pick over the beans and throw anything that looks suspect out (see reference links for warnings about sourcing), rinse with running water.
2. Pour rinsed beans into jar, cover jar with a secured cheesecloth (with an open mason jar lid, or rubberband), soak for 8-12 hours.
3. Drain the water and rinse through the cheesecloth, then set it upside down to drain in a dark space, atop the tray and towel (to absorb the water).
4. Tedious: rinse and set to drain at least twice a day, returning to dark space, until sprouts are appropriate length, 2-5 days. I stopped after four because that was when I wanted to make summer rolls.

Sprouts days 2, 3, 4 and 4.
Sprouts days 2, 3, 4 and 4.

Today’s Trial Recipe Rating:
Novelty Rating:
4 of 5 stars.
Very novel, never tried sprouting stuff before. Was it slightly more interesting with an edge of self-poisoning danger? Maybe…
Likelihood of Repeat: 15%
Ugh, so tedious to remember to check it day and night whenever I woke up or was trying to go to bed. One of the references below even says “as frequently as four times a day,” who has time for that?!
Lesson Learned: Somebody else spends a lot of time sprouting beans so I can enjoy their crunchy deliciousness when I’m eating out. I am ever grateful. Also: home-sprouted beans can taste more nutty, in a good way.

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