PLOC Juice!
..or Pineapple Orange Lime Cayenne

The forecast in many parts of North America reaches 90 degrees in the next several days, so here’s a cold drink recipe to try. Shout out to my many Northwest peeps living without air conditioning. I had a real brain-sparking juice from Assembly Hall (a part of that behemoth conglomerate known as Tom Douglas restaurants) in Belltown, Seattle which spurred me to attempt an imitation, which inevitably spawned variants.

PLOC Juice (Pineapple Orange Lime Cayenne)
Inspired by Tropical Spice Juice from Assembly Hall

1 fresh pineapple, cut in chunks with rind removed*
1.5 orange, peel off, scrape a bit of pith off too
2-3 limes, (see oranges)
ice to desired thickness
Optional: 1/2 c frozen mango or ice, or coconut milk to taste
1 small dash of cayenne pepper
Optional: mint, coconut flakes, for garnish

Asian Food Center Pineapple Heaven, chop, chop chop, slice, juice, blend.
Asian Food Center Pineapple Heaven, chop, chop chop, slice, juice, blend.

1. Blend first 4-5 ingredients until desired drinking consistency is reached.
2. Sprinkle on cayenne pepper to preferred spice level (start small!), stir lightly, do not inhale.
3. Optional: Garnish w mint or coconut flakes
4. Drink and toast to summer!

*special thanks to my good friend and colleague Jillian, who introduced me to the food paradise that is the Asian Food Center (so generically named but so amazing), showed me how to cut a pineapple fancy for presentation (not necessary for the recipe but awesome), and let me test this recipe out on her the first time.

This Week’s Trial Recipe Rating:
Novelty Rating: 4 of 5
Likelihood of Repeat: 100%
Lesson Learned: Man, that’s got a kick! Careful with the cayenne..
This still tastes quite good with pre-cut pineapple, so that’s a shortcut you can take if you’re okay with less pineapple in your juice. Add ice or frozen mango for a more slush-like consistency, and/or coconut milk for smoothness and protein/fat content.


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