Exploring Seoul! Day 1
The Bleary-Eyed Arrival

Korean Air still gives their economy class passengers “free” things! Water, slippers, and a toothbrush and paste. I guess if I were so inclined, I could’ve stolen the blanket and headphones too.. meals were standardly edible, excepting the delicious beef-filled bun I chose over a brownie. Best choice made on the plane.

Korean Air: still providing 'free' things in Economy Class!
Korean Air: still providing ‘free’ things in Economy Class!
View from the plane into Seoul.

The descent into Seoul included scenic glimpses of islands in still-looking waters, beautiful! Here we are with the bus tickets from the airport, so relieved to have one direct shot to the hotel. I even squeezed in a nap!

Living in Seattle’s coffee culture means: pounding caffeine headache by the time I got to the hotel. I credit this with why I made the egregious mistake of ordering (decent, but not amazing) minestrone soup, instead of the delicious dolsot bibimbap visible in my spouse’s meal spot over thar. ..then sleep, since it was 2AM Pacific Time.

Bus tickets, direct from airport to hotel! These are our twelve-hour-flight smiles. Not bad, eh?
Late arrival hotel dinner. Not shown: delicious almond florentines upon check-in! How did they know they were my favorite?!

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  1. It’s always nice when you get a check in gift type of snack. Unless it’s unwrapped and you are my wife. Then it is dangerous and filled with potential cooties.

    And those look more like happy to be off a 12 hour flight smiles, which I presume are genuine. Looking like a good start.

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