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On Jan 28, 2016, at 7:51 AM, Kristoffer Jonson (email redacted) wrote:
My 2pm KFC excursion ended up being my lunch and dinner.
Chizza brought me there but there was so much to experience.


Apparently it was a great time to come to Seoul because they are discontinuing the Chizza.

It was 38% off but still full of flavor.  I love the precision they used in how much it was on sale.

Flavor was more complex than I thought it would be. Pizza is a mix of southern, Hawaiian and Mexican flavored.  Surprisingly sweat inducing.  Did my best to deconstruct.
I wonder if in Japan this is a chiconburri (donburi rice swapped).  I would say, thumbs neutral.  Definitely a fork and knife snack. I say snack because this was just my appetizer.  Oh yes there was more.
Wait is that a double down but with bacon and a hash brown in between.  If you said that you would be wrong, there is also cheese and salsa (why must it all be spicy?).
Real deal looked just as good.
A little light on the bacon.  This was much easier to deconstruct.
You would have loved this.  By this I mean just the hash brown.  This was also spicy.  I would say this is a thumbs up and excellent main course.  Though the chicken isn’t as fresh as the Chizza.  I think they premake these.
Needed something to cool me off, so why not dessert.  You know what dessert I like.
Wait that can’t be dan ta at KFC.  Oh yes it was.  This was surprisingly good.  Better than some dim sum places.
Man was I full after this.  Scene of destruction:
But this guy was full!
My brow is starting to sweat seeing my spicy face again.
Hope your day is going well!
Can’t wait to come home and … (Redacted) … Until you cannot … (Redacted).  Hope we still have that twine so I can… (Redacted).  See you soon.
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