How to Beat the Heat: Office Edition (Skill Level: Beginner Cook)

Here in the Pacific Northwest, folks are still getting used to having more than a week’s worth of 80+F degree weather. Many houses don’t have air conditioning, and even offices can feel pretty warm. Mine is LEED-aspirational, which means the temps swing up and down just outside most people’s comfort zone, and certainly outside mine.
If you’re lucky enough to have fridge access at work, with ice cubes, and you haven’t struck on this yet, here’s a couple things to try:*

“Instant” Ice Tea!

1 tea bag of your choice
2 cups
~7 ice cubes
~8 oz hot water
Optional: your choice of creams or sugars


  1. Steep tea in one cup with hot water, let it steep a little longer than you usually prefer for hot tea, so you’ll still get the full flavor once it’s cold (when chilled, foods generally taste less intense).
  2. Fill other cup with ice cubes.
  3. Once tea is done steeping, pour over ice cubes into other cup (preferably over a sink).
  4. Enjoy!

Poor Human’s Iced Coffee
(Similar Process)

3/4 cup coffee gone room temp (generally 3+ hrs old, from the coffee pool carafe, blegh)
~5-7 ice cubes
1 cup
Optional: your choice of creams or sugars


  1. Fill cup with ice cubes until about 3/4 full.
  2. Pour coffee over ice until cup is full, sip a little off the top as ice melts, pour the rest until cup is full.
  3. Enjoy!

*If you’ve tried it already, what other combinations have you done?
Seattle’s seen it’s share of Summer drink trends, from last year’s Espresso Tonics (click here for FWW video) to the pucker-worth shrub trend. What could be next?

Likelihood of Repeat: 100% I love a ‘free’ iced cup of coffee or tea. FReeeeeee!
Novelty Rating: 2% Been there, done that.
Lessons Learned: I need to stock more herbal teas so I can keep hydrated after my caffeine cut-off time..

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