Pro-Tip Tuesday: Weekday Recipe Logistics Tip

I was chatting with my good friend Jenni the other day about how I decide on weekday cooking,* and a sorting method I came up with several years ago seemed to spark great interest, so I thought I’d share it here in case some of y’all others could benefit.

In the event that you have a collection of recipes (or even a mental list of set dishes you have on rotation for cooking), try this:
Sort your recipes into buckets (or tag them, if you use an electronic filing system, like Evernote, .txt files, OneNote, &c.), include estimates on prep time in the total time!**
I do:
Less than 30 minutes
30-60 min
60+ to multiday
Then, only use the Less than 30 minutes folder for weekdays. A good cook knows that there is not a linear correlation between amount of time spent cooking a meal and the level of deliciousness resultant, especially if you are making vegetables or fish, like like this Mustard Lemon Cauliflower dish.
Voila! Time saved!
I leave the longer ones for the weekend, mostly. Plus, I have more focus and energy to get the steps right, on weekends -when it comes to trial recipes. Even if you aren’t sure how long it takes over all, making some initial estimates, then taking two minutes to note after you tried a cook, will help get in the right ballpark. Go for directionally correct guesses.

Oh hey, if you look at the new navigation bar on this blog, you’ll notice each recipe has a category tag, including similar buckets as listed above.

Some of the files in here say they're 7 years old, but entertainingly, they're actually older and date back to .txt files I kept on my first iPod back to 2001. Yep, that's how long I've been filing recipes..
Some of the files in here say they’re 7 years old, but entertainingly, they’re actually older and date back to .txt files I kept on my first iPod back to 2001. Yep, that’s how long I’ve been filing recipes..

*This really is an old method of mine. My current schedule has meant that my great co-conspirator in life Kris has been doing a lot of cooking too, plus I’ve been banking meal parts on Sundays with large batch cooking (see tag: slow cooker).

**Many recipes don’t include this, I imagine it’s because professional cooks take less time to chop and prep, so the time may vary significantly.

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