Pro-Tip Tuesday: Tea Infuser + Dessert Dusting

How can you dust powdered sugar on your holiday desserts without making a mess, AND conserve the left over for the next round?

Try a tea infuser! Here’s the shortest video I’ve ever intentionally made, lol.

I’m pretty sure even if you don’t have one with an easy handle and all, it’ll still work neater than a gigantor flour sieve. Then you can return the rest to the bag! You know how I hate food waste..

For the delicious (although blurry) gluten-free chocolate cake in the limelight of this video,
see Aran Goyoaga’s Gluten-free Chocolate Olive Oil Cake on ChefSteps.

Caveat & Notes on the Recipe:
The sugar is divided 2/3 with the first mix and 1/3 with the egg whites.
If you don’t have a scale on hand, here are the approximate measurements:
0.53 cups olive oil
0.75 cups sugar with chocolate mix + 0.25 cups sugar with egg white mix
1/3 cup almond flour
I found it was good topped with whipped cream or greek yogurt, and liked it with oranges, which are in season-ish now.
This cake was pretty popular at the parties I brought it to this weekend.

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