Pro-Tip Tuesday:
How to Fit More Gym Clothes in Your Bag

Did you make a resolution to get active and work out more this month?


Are you feeling frazzled trying to stuff all your exercise clothes in a gym bag so you can work out before your commute home, but kind of favoring that “Old Bag Lady” (or Old Bag Gentleman) look in the process, juggling large. lumpy sacs of clothes and food and work tools on the way out the door?


Here’s a travel tip that I found works well for workout commuting as well:

Try rolling your clothes!

It takes up less space, and is more compact when you try to stuff it in a bag, in my case, usually a single bike pannier. I also use a small plastic bag, to create some separation between the clothes and anything else, but it also helps it stay compact. Per the photo below, you can see a pair of capoeira pants, and a long-sleeve top stored vertically in my bag, alongside a knitting project that’s hogging all the space this week.

This is a method I transferred from travel packing practices.

Roll clothes, insert into bag.


What tips do you have to share, on reducing the friction to working out each week?

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