Pro-tip Tuesday:
Repurpose Used Spice Containers for Baking

Ever get to the middle of a baking project and find your hands all sticky but out of flour in your bowl for dusting?

Did you finally use up one of those expensive little containers of spices from the store, and it’s got a little sifter cover thingy?
Repurpose it to help you dust surfaces with flour for baking!*

Just fill it with flour and label it, and next time your hands are covered in semi-wet flour, you can use it to neatly dust a surface to roll out dough on, without contaminating your main bag of flour. This is also likely to help save you some flour waste, compared to getting a new bowl of flour out to use each time. I recommend using a spice that’s not overly pungent, i.e. don’t repurpose a powdered garlic container for this, even after washing.

*I swear I learned this idea online years ago but now I can’t find it so I figured I’d put it here for you.

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