How to Time Travel
Tips on Extending Your Vacation Time & Space

Fast Into the Night by Debbie Moderow

Alaska’s official state motto is “North to the Future,” meant to represent Alaska as a land of promise.

In the spirit of time travel,* here are some tips on how to stretch your vacation outside the bounds of the time you were physically there, with my Alaskan Adventures for illustration.

Generally: consider your hobbies at home and how to incorporate parts of what the explored location.

  • Things that helped you prepare for the trip may also apply in this category too, to give you a gentle transition back to your life at home.
  • These strategies can also be a great way for you to learn or teach about a place without going, like say, if you have young kids and you’re not ready to take them on a whirlwind world tour yet.**


Read a book that takes place there: I just finished reading Fast Into the Night, written by a woman who raises a family in Alaska, and then runs the Iditarod. Amazingly inspiring, not to mention transporting.
Write about the place: thanks for your patience with me stretching out my vacation from Alaska via blog-sharing!
Listen to location-inspired music: Maggie Rogers has a song inspired by the same-title, “Alaska,” which I’ve been strolling to on walks.
Work out to location-themed videos: it wasn’t right there, but the winter Jasper National Park yoga videos from Boho Beautiful helped transport me in my regular yoga warmups to snowy landscapes.
Watch a location-inspired movie: Into the Wild is all about Christopher Johnson McCandless who disappears into Alaska. For a less folly-of-youth movie, you can try. Also see: 25 Best Dog Sledding Movies


Buy location-specific consumables: from a local grocery on-site, or via subscription services.**
I only just finished the last of precious, delicious balsamic vinegar from Milan (link here)!
Try your hand at making food from there:
In the case of Alaska, I am working on a sourdough starter, which I learned was one of the key survival resources in the early Last Frontier years.

*Note: it is technically possible to time travel when you fly for extended amounts of time, such as this plane ticket I am looking at where I depart at 11:40PM Taipei time and arrive in Seattle at 7:30PM the same Sunday. No wonder overseas flights are so tiring.

In extreme cases of ‘homesickness’ for travel, book your next adventure.


What strategies have you found to help extend your adventures in time and space?

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