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Instant Pot – Virtually Instant, Really!

Spaghetti and meat made via Instant Pot by Tanya

Recently, I had a chance to visit my fellow Minnesotan friend Tanya, her spouse Justin, and their daughter Mabel in Portland. They graciously had me over for dinner, and I got to see a demo of the Instant Pot. Apparently she was so excited about it she bought a second one when it was on sale on Amazon. My friend Candace in San Francisco had previously bothered messaging me about this device as a sped up way to make radish cakes, so it seemed only right that I listen to the universe’s repeated prodding to investigate this gadget.

Tanya said I could post the video despite her self-consciousness if I did an Instant Pot post, so here we go. Check out super-mobile Mabel! I wish I could take a picture of the smell

I did not have a lot of expectations of the pasta going in, so the perfectly al dente nature after a 3 minute cook really impressed me. My only regret is that I didn’t have more time to stroll their beautiful (and fruitful) garden.


The magic pot is great for camping, if you are near an electricity source. I’ve seen lots of people take the pot car camping and eat some extravagant mealS. I’ve also seen people take their pot during road trips and use the pot instead of going out to eat.
There’s an entire Facebook group dedicated to Indian cooking. Mother Jones even wrote an article on it.
I got all excited to do more Indian cooking, but do get intimidated by all the spices and unfamiliar ingredients. I also found some Ethiopian recipes that sound amazing. If you visit again, I may be motivated to try those out!
As some one who grew up with a household ruler who obsessed over how to moderate heat-generating appliances in the summer, the fact that Tanya could cook in her detached laundry room rather than the kitchen in the house is a selling point. I’m excited to pick one up for myself some day soon, and break the streak of reduced appliance-buying.
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