I tried this meal kit and it did not change my world view

Laksa Chicken from Amazon's Meal Kit

Happy Friendly Friday, Folks!
It’s Fall, and the start of a new school year for many. What do you do to keep everyone fed and full of healthy energy to get things done?

I explore one option here.

While hosting family this summer, we gave those partially-prepped ready-to-cook meals a try, and started with Amazon’s kits, newly on the market. The lucky couple getting married Washington, Alanna & Alex even played guinea pig, and Kris picked up the slack when I started to feel a little spun around running multiple meal trials at once.*

Here are the four we ordered with group input.

Here are the two I got a chance to take pictures of while cooking.

Piri-Piri Citrus Chili Grilled Chicken


Chicken Laksa (see the feature photo of this post for the finished product)
Chicken Laksa (see the feature photo of this post for the finished product): raw ingredients, cilantro (!), shellfish in ingredients, neatly packaged items, peeling eggs badly.



I did remember it was alright. I did like it. I wish it was a bit spicer. It didn’t look hard to cook but you guys were doing all the work.  I still felt weird eating it because it was all so packaged in box and each thing was individually wrapped in its own plastic. What was memorable was the egg. But that might be cause the way you cooked it 🙂

Alex on Chicken Laksa

As you can see, there were pretty specific directions, and everything came pre-portioned. It really took the guesswork out. I could imagine if you’d never cooked much before, how it might make it feel more manageable and you still get a satisfying feeling of accomplishment from a little dicing and the actual cooking. Even with the chicken laksa, peeling a soft-boiled egg may have been the least successful part but it was still tasty.

Even for some one who has been trying different cooking in the last decade+, it was tasty and novel to try something different. Portions were a-plenty if you consider it was listed as two servings each, plenty for leftovers, or a really hungry person!

This is in contrast to a past ready-made meal trial (brand to go unnamed) I was gifted once upon a time, which sent me the wrong portions and I was irritated to be left with too much of one ingredient, and not enough of another. In addition, those meal portions had too little left over, how disappointing.

In true Amazon style, there was lots of packaging.

Packaging galore from Amazon.

I look forward to seeing what comes next, what with the Whole Foods partnership this year. I was excited and thought I was safe picking the Chicken Laksa, only to find there was shellfish in the small-print ingredients listings. I’d really appreciate if companies would help a little more with dietary restrictions and allergies. That said, I think overall partial-prepped ready-to-cook meals are a great way to introduce folks to cooking more, and different methods they may not have otherwise tried.

Rating by Alex

Overall if I remember it would be a 6 out of 10. Sauce could be spicier and was not memorable. Noodles and meat were ok. A lot better than a microwave dinner no doubt or if you are in a rush to eat totally worth it.

We got a chance to try the other two meals later, here’s how I’d rank them:

  1. Piri Piri Citrus-Chili Grilled Chicken – yum.
  2. Chicken Laksa – I’m guessing, it sure did look good..
  3. Tacos Al Pastor – tasty, but not terribly memorable since we have tortillas on hand and frequently put any old leftovers in it. Not so hard to do..
  4. Moroccan Vegetable Tagine – a generous portion but bland flavors

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*So grateful to him for all his initiative and help in my life.

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