Pro-tip Tuesday:
Unintended Extra Groceries + Tote Hack

Do you ever go grocery shopping and discover that you’re picking up 150% more than you intended to buy, that you are really hungry, and now you’re trying to figure out how to bike or walk it all home?

I recently picked up a new trick for those reusable sacs (usually cloth or polyester of some sort) with sizable handle-loops. It keeps me covered when I am carrying way more than any sane, less-ambitious urban nomad would carry.
Wear one strap over each shoulder, with the opening of the bag facing your back, and peddle away carefree!

Demo photo from near Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland where I found a thermal pool, not hot in mid-October. Photo credit: Kristoffer Jonson. Editing scrawl: Yours Truly.

This works if you’re hiking and you want your hands free too. As my friend Stephanie would say, *placedrop*.

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