Gear Review: ISLE Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

SUP on Green Lake (Photo: Rose Gear 2018)

“I can’t believe I waited so long to get a SUP board!”

Rose on the Lake last Sunday

I’ve lived within close walking distance of a lake for almost three years. Regrettably, I waited until last month to purchase a stand up paddle board. Thanks to the recommendation of my adventurous friend Yiling Wong, I purchased the ISLE 10’4 Airtech Inflatable Yoga Stand Up Paddle Board (6″ Thick) iSUP Package.

It took me about 30 minutes to figure out how to properly inflate the board using the hand pump and to attach the fin to the inflated board. The board is quite light when inflated, and I’m able to carry both the board and the paddle the two blocks between my house and the lake without stopping for a breather. Such ease! Aside from bearing the occasional snarky comment from passersby, this board is no burden.

This board has opened up an enchanted world to me! On the glassy waters of Green Lake, this board is a dream. The paddle is adjustable and can be utilized whilst standing or sitting. I have quite enjoyed blending in with the local mallard population. I also purchased a dry bag and SUP leash, which I attach to the handles located at the front and middle of the board. The SUP lease is for safety, and the dry bag allows me to keep my phone with me for those Instagram moments.

One thing to note is that the inflation process by hand pump is quite arduous. Because of this, I would recommend either purchasing an electric pump or keeping the board inflated while in storage.


Rose Gear
Rose Gear

Rose Gear is an outdoor enthusiast living in Seattle, WA. When she’s not playing the bass in orchestras, she enjoys hiking, running, paddle boarding and training capoeira.

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