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Just a little tidbit post on Official Blog Debut Week for Food the Wong Way:
In case you haven’t seen this yet, hilarious responses to pictures (pictures only) of American food from a Tumblr user teaching in China: Chinese Students Hilariously Describe What They Think About Regional American Food.

It is extra funny because of how a normal-sounding sentence in Chinese gets distorted when literally translated into English as a somewhat pithy exclamation. For the record, despite being raised in the Midwest, I still had no idea chicken fried steak was not chicken until this year. How the heck are you supposed to ever guess that?


  1. “how the heck are you supposed to ever guess that?” – because of the conventional order of English language grammar? e.g. no English speaker would suspect that eating “hand picked carrots” involved cannibalism.

  2. Wait what?! Chicken fried steak is chicken? That doesn’t sound right. Though admittedly, I’ve never ordered chicken fried steak anywhere, so I couldn’t actually tell you.

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