Pro-tip Tuesday: a Remedy for Sore Muscles Apres-Board/Ski

Food the Wong Way has involved a healthy dose of outdoor activity this winter, including a fair bit of snowboarding and snowshoeing, which historically has been hard on my knees and back. My friend Katherine recently talked me into going with my local German pub Prost on a ski bus, so despite appearing to have packed for the apocalypse, I tried to pack lighter. That’s when I came up with this light short-term remedy for sore knees.

– 1-2 ziplock 1 quart freezer bags
– 2 short headbands or other large elastics
– a location with snow

1) Complete fun snow-related activity.
1.5) Optional: trip your friend as you’re both getting off the ski lift. Sorry, Katherine!
2) Stuff ziplock bags with snow for your knees or other problem areas.
3) Secure bags to problem areas (over one base layer of clothing) with elastic while relaxing with a beverage, and/or on the ride home from the mountains.
4) Endure feeling like a dork, remembering your knees will thank you tomorrow when they don’t throb with inflammation.

Today’s Trial Method Rating
Novelty Rating: 
4 of 5
Likelihood of Repeat: 90%
Lessons Learned: the wet slushy snow common to springtime is better for this. I tried dry Alaska snow from Denali National Park in February and it was so light it hardly packed in and melted away really quick. Also, don’t give the following ridiculous advice in this video to your friend who generously agreed to snowboard with you for the first in a long time):

Other notes:
– 5 souvenirs: a Prost koozie, sunglasses, two bruised knees and and a bruise the size of a silver dollar on my ass. Worth it! Good memories with a friend are priceless.
– Congrats to Yeti and Sasquatch who got married on the mountain!
– I have a renewed love of Prost. Prost to that, and thanks to them for arranging the easy bus transportation there and back.

Good sports.

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