Friendly Friday:
Fresh Flavors from Fit Foodie Finds’ Red Coconut Curry Meatballs

When I saw fellow Minnesotan and food blogger Lee Hersch recently drop a coconut curry meatball photo on Instagram, I just had to try her recipe.


  • All the chili paste I could find had fish sauce/shrimp contaminant in it, so I couldn’t have it in my house due to allergy. However, my roommate/partner/spouse brilliantly bought Korean chili paste instead, a.k.a. gochujang. Even better. Specifically, Mother-in-Law’s Gochujang, with a reassuringly hipster-y label.
  • I used half a yellow onion and one quarter of a red onion on hand. Red onions made for beautiful contrast. We had lots of onion left. I am excited to make noodles or something else with the leftover sauces.
  • Replace cilantro with fresh mint from my garden,* because I hate cilantro.

Got lazy with the cauliflower and just chopped it up rather than ricing. upon reflection, either you spend the time on the front end ricing it, or you spend the time on the tail end with longer saute times for larger pieces. I also wasn’t sure what to rice it with, not having a ricer. K___ suggested a cheese grater, which totally makes sense now.

These were much more tasty than previous white meat meatballs I’ve made, yum!

Trial Recipe Rating:

Novelty Rating: 5 of 5, “new flavors from the Wong!” said my dining companion.
Likelihood of Repeat: 100% for the meatballs. I am adding it to the regular meal rotation.
Lessons Learned:

  • This recipe is really 3 recipes, (1)meatballs to be layered atop (2)cauliflower and (3)slaw. It’s a great lactose-free recipe that’s still creamy. If I were to do it again with weeknight dinner time limitations, I’d make the cauliflower and slaw earlier on different days, or just put it on something else simpler like quinoa. As Lee notes, the core of the meal: the meatballs with sautéed-then-baked sauce, can stand on its own, and is delightfully like on sweetener.
  • If you leave the chicken thigh in the fridge until the last day you think it’ll be good, and still have to grind it yourself, you might end up taking cauliflower shortcuts as dinnertime stretches later and later.
  • I have some refinement to learn on my slaw game. I often get impatient and slice in what turn out to be big wide strips of chew-me-forever. The purple cabbage did make it beautiful to eat.
  • Regular Amazon Subscribe & Save orders continue to delight in the many ways to use the coconut milk cans. Hooray for non-dairy creamy dishes!

*this is what that herb garden I’ve been cultivating in back is FOR! Yesss!

For more on food and active living from Lee Hersch, check out her blog at Fit Foodie Finds!

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