Pro-Tip Tuesday: Free Seeds for Gardening, Summer Dreams Included!

Are you stuck inside, dreaming of next year’s garden?

Are the kids (or your inner child) driving you nuts as you scrape the bottom of the bucket on distracting -er- enriching indoor activities to keep them busy learning?

Maybe your New Year’s resolution was to save money to put them toward some personal goals.

Did you know, you can get free seeds for gardening?

They’re called seed swaps! Besides being the Lunar New Year -apparently- January 28th is seed swap day, and your local community gathering spot may be putting on an event (then, or on a nearby date). Below are a few links, if you need one near you that’s not here, try the Google. There are even mail order options online, like the Great American Seed Swap Facebook page.

Attend an event, and use it to sprout some garden planning for the whole family. If you have little ones, you could even get them involved with a little patch of their own to plan, grow and learn about where their food comes from.

National Seed Swap Day events across the United States: 2017 Seed Swap Listings

King County Seed Lending Library: Great Seattle Seed Swap
I attended this one in the Greenwood/Phinney Ridge neighborhood last year and they had neat workshops on saving seeds. Bonus: running into my neighbors.

I am looking forward to cultivating a mini-food source I don’t have to walk the two short blocks to the store for. Seed swaps and less conventional seed sources can also be a great inspiration for finding produce varieties I otherwise would not know about. Last year we may have introduced many unnamed neighbors to upo.

Could this Indigo Rose tomato plant developed by Oregon State be your next Summer’s bumper crop?

What crops are you excited for this next year?

Novelty Rating: 4 of 5
This event in my neighborhood was much more fun (and less confrontational) than the caucus with my neighbors, and included some rare finds.
Likelihood of Repeat: 95%
I have marked my calendar, and will go -barring inclement weather.
Lesson learned: If you time and plan it right, in theory you could garden for almost-free (except labor hours). Seed swaps are a-plenty, you can save seeds from your grocery store produce, there are occasional free dirt giveaways, and I feel like I occasionally walk past free gardening pots you could use if you don’t already have a gardening plot. Also: it can be really fun to watch your neighbors check out the seed packs you brought to a swap.

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